AMI (Advanced Mico Instruments) manufactures a complete line of oxygen and H2S analyzers for the natural gas industry.  New to the product line is a compact and low cost TDL laser moisture analyzer.

Rotork Controls – Electric actuators for quarter turn and multi-turn valves featuring IQ non-intrusive intelligent technology and a built-in data logger for troubleshooting. Most digital communication protocols available. Rotork Process Controls - Electric actuators designed for rotary and linear control valves and dampers. New! CVA linear and quarter turn failsafe electric actuators for on/off and continuously modulating applications. Rotork Fluid Systems - Pneumatic rack & pinion, scotch-yoke, high pressure gas, electro-hydraulic actuators for linear and rotary applications.

Zegaz Instruments water and hydrocarbon dewpoint analyzers are the most advanced dewpoint measurment systems available.  They are based on the breakthourgh CEIRS infrared technology to accurately and unambiguously determine the dewpoint of hydrocarbon gas steams at pressure up to 1500psi.   These systems can distinguish between hydrocarbon dewpoints and water condensation.

JOGLER - Magnetic liquid level indicators, Magnetostrictive level transmitters, Point Level Switches, Direct reading liquid level/flow indicators, Laser level transmitters.




CATA-DYNE Catalytic heaters fueled by natural gas or propane for building heating, freeze prevention, instrument gas pre-heaters, FM approved Class 1 Div. 1. NEW! Cata-Dyne LS series “liquid start” catalytic heaters, start in 5 minutes, no power required. NEW! Cata-Dyne Line Heaters used prior to high pressure cuts to prevent hydrate formation. NORSEMAN Explosion proof electric heaters. RUFFNECK Industrial heavy duty steam and electric explosion proof heaters. CALORITECH Immersion heaters and engineered products, circulation heaters, liquid heat transfer systems, control panel and enclosure heaters.

A+ Industries / Genie

GENIE MEMBRANE FILTERS to protect gas chromatographs and other analyzers from liquids. Genie probe regulators with built-in membrane flters, Avenger coalescing flters, Glysorb glycol vapor flters. NEW! Direct Drive adjustable length membrane tip probes that can be inserted and extracted from a pressurized line through a full opening valve without the use of special insertion devices.


FLOWSIC600 Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters, AGA 9 Custody Transfer, Multipath. FLOWSIC 500 Ultrasonic compact gas flow meter for natural gas distribution, fuel gas, vapor recovery units, flare gas applications.
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NEW! Sur-Flo turbine meters with patented paddle stye rotors solve typical turbine meter problems of plugging and impeller breakage. Non-Vent Control Valves for back pressure, pressure reduction, fow control, and compressor suction/bypass applications. Sur-Flo control valves feature a unique axial fow design that offers quick recovery, as well as reduced cavitation, noise, and hunting. Non-venting capability, quickly feld repairable. NEW! Roto-Boss multi-port orifce meter.

CVS Controls

Factory new control valves interchangeable with Fisher* ET, ED, EZ, D body, V-Balls, 4150 controllers, 630 regulators and valve trims. Pneumatic and electric chemical pumps.


Complete line of liquid and gas flowmeters, Coriolis, Mag. Meters, Liquid Ultrasonic custody transfer meter, Vortex and Variable Area meters, Guided Wave Radar, Non-Contact Radar, Ultrasonic, Displacer and DP Level Transmitters.


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