CATA-DYNE Catalytic heaters fueled by natural gas or propane for building heating, freeze prevention, instrument gas pre-heaters, FM approved Class 1 Div. 1. NEW! Cata-Dyne LS series “liquid start” catalytic heaters, start in 5 minutes, no power required.
NEW! Cata-Dyne Line Heaters used prior to high pressure cuts to prevent hydrate formation. NORSEMAN Explosion proof electric heaters. RUFFNECK Industrial heavy duty steam and electric explosion proof heaters. CALORITECH Immersion heaters and engineered products, circulation heaters, liquid heat transfer systems, control panel and enclosure heaters.

CCI Thermal Technologies is a leader in advanced heating solutions. They offer customers the broadest based industry knowledge, expertise and industrial heating products. In addition to there focus on product quality, they are setting a new industry standard for customer service.

They continue to earn the reputation as a leader through there commitment to ongoing research, product development and, above all, excellence in manufacturing. They learn where solutions are needed and respond with innovations that increase productivity, decrease costs and address customers' requirements.
A key brand of CCI Thermal Technologies Inc., has a broad product line including heat-exchanger unit heaters, explosion-proof electric air heaters, industrial electric air heaters and explosion-proof thermostats. Established in 1975, Ruffneck™ has a long and proud history of supplying quality products to a worldwide customer base. All products are designed for rugged, industrial applications and Ruffneck™ is well known for its "ship the heat in a week" policy in which 95% of all standard orders are shipped within one week. CCI Thermal's acquisition of Ruffneck™ has enhanced CCI's position as one of North America's leading manufacturers of industrial heating equipment.
CCI Thermal offers the complete line of Norseman™ explosion-proof electric air heaters and thermostats.
Norseman™ heaters and thermostats provide innovative, low maintenance solutions for a wide range of applications.
Flexibility in application and design. From panel heaters to unit heaters, the Norseman™ line provides innovative forced air or natural convection solutions to your hazardous area heating requirements across a wide kilowatt range. Custom engineered units are available for specialized applications. Our qualified sales staff are ready to provide the solution that's right for you.
Durable construction. With anodized, copper-free aluminum housings and heat sinks, and nickel plated, low watt density elements the Norseman™ line of electric explosion-proof heaters is designed to provide reliable, low maintenance service.
Simplified wiring. To facilitate installation, Norseman™ heaters employ the patented x-Max ® housing with screw on covers and slide out terminal block trolley.
Gas catalytic explosion proof heaters are available in 23 different models with BTU ratings ranging from 1,000 to 48,000 BTU/hr (0.3 kW - 14.0 kW). In addition, these heaters can be banked together to obtain any BTU (kW) rating desired.
CCI Thermal's Cata-Dyne™ heaters are competitively priced, simple to install and operate, and require minimal maintenance under normal operating conditions. These heaters are economical to operate and highly efficient.
The Cata-Dyne™ WX Series explosion-proof heater is a revolutionary product with uniform heat distribution, high fuel efficiencies, more radiant power and a certified explosion-proof rating. It is 33% more fuel efficient than older models producing the same energy output.
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